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The Competition


In a women’s match race there are six crew members sailing a boat type called DS37 Match Racer. The key to success is teamwork, experience and technical skilfulness.

1. Skipper
The skipper is responsible for helming the boat as advantageously against the opponent as she can. The skipper is usually responsible for making quick decisions during the intense race.
2. Tactician/Maintrim
She keeps an eye on how the wind changes, sea-current and every move the opponent make.This enables her to recommend actions to the skipper on how to gain or increase the distance between them and their opponent.
3. Trimmer 1
She is in charge of the foresails, and adjusting the genua, jib and spinnaker when ever the wind changes. She always pays attention to even the slightest change in wind speed and wind angle so that she can make the right adjustments.
4. Foredeck
She is responsible for the foresail being hoist up and down and jibing the spinnaker pole during downwind. She also reports the latest status on the wind, waves and opponent movements.
5. Mast
Cooperates very much with the fore decker – these two must be very strong, fast and flexible. In many crews the mast also trims the main sail during the pre-start.


Length:  9,07 m
Widht:  2,75 m
Depth:  1,73 m
Deplacement:   1 360kg
Mainsail:  28m²
Foresail:  18,5m²
Gennaker:  77m²
Design:  Simonis Voogd