Johanna Bergqvist, 22 years old, is the youngest skipper in the starting field for Lysekil Women’s Match. Next week, her team aims to make a big step in her career.

”It would mean so much to us to take a World Championship title. We are on the verge of really starting to count as one of the best teams in the world, ” says Johanna Bergqvist.

The team has had a steady progress on the World Sailing ranking the last couple of years recent years. After sailing a lot of dinghy, the team started match racing together five years ago and after a couple of months they were among the top 20. Since 2017 they have belonged to the top ten and in the last year they have consistently been ranked one of the top five the law of the world. This is due to strong results such as a second place in the Women’s International Match Racing Series in Helsinki 2018.

”Lysekil has been the highlight on our calendar every year. It’s a real festival and we have no other similar competition in women’s match racing. You can almost reach out and touch the boats when you sit on the rocks and watch the racing, a  magical feeling. You feel like a rock star, ”says Johanna Bergqvist.

The goal is to be one of the teams racing in the big final day on Saturday next week. A World Championship title would really open new doors in the teams career but thet will face competition from teams that are former world champions and have more routine.

“We will have to keep cool, that’s when we sail the best together. When the pressure gets too big, the biggest challenge will be to take a breath and remind each other of why we are doing this; because we love to sail together and because it is so much fun, says Johanna Bergqvist and continues:

” Our strength is that we know each other so well, we have become like a family. I no longer have just one sister in the team, but several. We know each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and know how to make each other perform on top”.

Only one week remains until the start of Lysekil Women’s Match and the recent months have been all about preparation. First out was the Midsummer Match Cup in Skärhamn in June and next up was the Govenors Cup, a youth competition in Newport, Rhode Island in the USA.

“After that we went directly to France to sail a competition in the Open class. All competitions have been about preparing us for Lysekil, we want to feel that we can really give everything we have. Now we will see how far that can take us”.

Team Bergqvist Match Racing
Johanna Bergqvist – Skipper
Isabelle Bergqvist – Main/Tactics
Johanna Thiringer – Trimmer
Ellinor Hansson – Tail
Julia Carlsson – Bow

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