Lysekil Women’s Match 2020 is cancelled

Lysekil Women’s Match has made the decision to cancel this year’s event that was planned for August 3-8. We have followed the COVID-19 situation closely and taken help from the infectious disease experts and discussed it with colleagues in the sports event industry. In the current situation and with the uncertainty in the coming months, we have come to the conclusion that the most responsible decision is to inform, at an early stage, that the event will not take place as planned.

Lysekil Women’s Match has, since its start in 2004, grown to become the biggest annual event in the northern part of the Swedish west coast. Every year it attracts tens of thousands visitors that follow the action on the race course at Kyrkviksbukten and take part in all the activities taking place in the event village. Anna Holmdahl White, the initiator and project manager for the event, comments on the decision:

“Every morning since the Corona pandemic took its grip around the world I have stepped up and worked hard towards making the event a positive happening for the sailors as well as the partners, visitors and not at least the local business life. Something that we could all look forward to in the tough situation we are in. We are all set up for another fantastic week of sailing and almost all of our longtime partners have joined us. We have planned for new and exciting cooperations and activities, and the world’s best sailors are in line to participate. In short everything is rigged and ready to go… but with the information and the knowledge we have about the virus today we can’t see any other possibility than to cancel.”

We have together with our main partner Preem and the municipality of Lysekil come to the conclusion that this is the most responsible decision to take to avoid further spread of the virus and put everyone’s health in first place and make sure not to put more strain on the healthcare system. By doing so we also minimize the damage and risk for our partners and suppliers that are about to start up their activities and investments towards the event and notify them at an early stage.




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