Lysekil Women’s Match has made the decision to cancel this year’s event that was planned for August 3-8. We have followed the COVID-19 situation closely and taken help from the infectious disease experts and discussed it with colleagues in the sports event industry. In the current situation and with the uncertainty in the coming months, we have come to the conclusion that the most responsible decision is to inform, at an early stage, that the event will not take place as planned.

Lysekil Women’s Match has, since its start in 2004, grown to become the biggest annual event in the northern part of the Swedish west coast. Every year it attracts tens of thousands visitors that follow the action on the race course at Kyrkviksbukten and take part in all the activities taking place in the event village. Anna Holmdahl White, the initiator and project manager for the event, comments on the decision:

“Every morning since the Corona pandemic took its grip around the world I have stepped up and worked hard towards making the event a positive happening for the sailors as well as the partners, visitors and not at least the local business life. Something that we could all look forward to in the tough situation we are in. We are all set up for another fantastic week of sailing and almost all of our longtime partners have joined us. We have planned for new and exciting cooperations and activities, and the world’s best sailors are in line to participate. In short everything is rigged and ready to go… but with the information and the knowledge we have about the virus today we can’t see any other possibility than to cancel.”

We have together with our main partner Preem and the municipality of Lysekil come to the conclusion that this is the most responsible decision to take to avoid further spread of the virus and put everyone’s health in first place and make sure not to put more strain on the healthcare system. By doing so we also minimize the damage and risk for our partners and suppliers that are about to start up their activities and investments towards the event and notify them at an early stage.




All competitors,

Notice of Race for Lysekil Women’s Match has been published. We are looking forward to receive your team’s request of invitation.

Link to Notice of Race: LWM_NoR2020_03_20

Lysekil Women’s Match, the leading event on the international match racing circuit, will be held for the 15th time in 2020. The best teams in the world will return to Lysekil’s spectacular racing arena.

Lysekil Women’s Match was organized for the first time in 2004 and has for many years been a leading event in international match racing for women. The next edition of the event is taking place in August 3-8.

“We have had a strong focus on developing the event since the start and the success of last year’s World Championship in Lysekil gave us a energy boost to continue making the event better. We are very pleased to have continued support from Preem and the municipality Lysekil. The event in 2020 will continue to offer world-class sailing and value to our partners as well a great party for all our visitors”, says Anna Holmdahl White, project manager Lysekil Women’s Match.

Lysekil Women’s Match is part of the WIM Series, the Women’s International Women’s Match Racing Series. Just like 2019, when Lysekil hosted the official Women’s Match Racing World Championship, the competition will once again attract the world’s best teams. One of the home favourites is Team Wings with Anna Östling as skipper, currently ranked second in the world. Getting a wild card to Lysekil Women’s Match Cup twelve years ago was an important development step for the Swedish Skipper.

“It was our first wildcard to a big international event when we sailed in Lysekil in 2008 so I remember being nervous but mostly excited. It was a big step forward” says Anna Östling.

The last decade she has represented Sweden in the 2012 Olympics and won the World Championship in match racing both 2014 and 2016. Now her team is aiming for the podium in Lysekil and in the World Championship in Auckland.

“We look forward to competing at home I Lysekil and in the World Championship venue which is as far away as you can get for us. We will sail parts of the World Match Racing Tour and part of the WIM Series so we have the privilege of creating a super-inspiring season”

In third place on the world ranking is another Swedish skipper, Johanna Bergqvist, who also has her sight set on the World Cup. Her premiere in Lysekil was in 2015.

“Lysekil has been the highlight of the season for us since the first year we received a wildcard. We still haven’t been to any event that creates a festival around the event like Lysekil does”.

Preem, a leading company in its industry and a major local employer in Lysekil, has been a main partner to the event since its inception in 2004. For the municipality of Lysekil, the event means much more than fast-paced and exciting racing that attracts many specatators.

“The sailing competition has become a fine tradition in Lysekil and it means a lot to both the business community and the city”, says Viktoria Drottz coordinator at the Department of Sustainable Development at the municipal government administration in Lysekil.

“It has become a natural meeting place for residents and visitors, which is in line with the municipality’s vision, Lysekil 2030. In addition to all activities, the municipality, together with other players, has arranged seminars on important topics. The municipality also actively participates as exhibitors with various themes, where municipal employees meet residents and visitors on site.


World Salling has published a report on gender equality in sailing, the Strategic Review into Women in Sailing and you can read it here.

We applaude this initiative. The report describes problems, challenges and opportunities for women in sailing and it is based on interviews, surveys and comparisons with other sports.

We agree that there are challenges we have to face. For example, we need more female role models in the sport. The report addresses this and states that there isn’t a clear path way for girls to a professional career.

Here, events like Lysekil Women’s Match and the WIM Series play a very importantrole. We inspire more young girls to stay in the sport and we want to be a clear path for the girls who want to continue their career after dinghy sailing, an age where we lose many active female sailors.

The report states that 70 % of all sports have the same prize money for women and men, while only 0.4% of the commercial investment goes to women in sports. Still, interest in investing in female sports is increasing and sailing must keep up with this progress. Sailing for women is an undervalued stock to invest in.

We have been working to create opportunities for women in match racing for over 15 years. Our vision has always been to create the best sailing event for women in the world and to be a stage for the world’s best female sailors. And we want to be a role model for all commercial events.

We are delighted to see these issues on the agenda and are very intersted in the report’s nine reccomendations for changing the situation.The first point recommends that a Working Group within World Sailing be created with the purpose to drive the development forward. Lysekil Women’s Match want’s to be a part of that group – we are confident that our experience will help to create better conditions for everyone to succeed in the sport.

World-class sailing and an exciting championship, a great crowd and fantastic entertainers made Lysekil Women’s Match 2019 a celebration we will not soon forget. It was a true spectacle out on the racecourse as well as a sailing festival on land full of happy faces and summer weather. I want to thank everybody who helped make it possible. And welcome back in 2020!

Lysekil Women’s Match 2019 was a great success. The event has always had a strong line-up, being the most prestigious match racing event in the world for female sailors. Now the regatta was also the official World Championship and the regatta was decided in perfect sailing conditions. The interest, both from the public and from media, was big as the twelve teams competed for the prize check of 300 000 Swedish Krona (31 000 USD).

To that we can add wonderful music artists, our partners and volunteers who all helped make the event a week to remember. Now we can look forward to taking new steps together as we aim to make Lysekil Women’s Match an even better event in august 2020.

Anna Holmdahl White, Project Manager Lysekil Women’s Match



This year’s edition of Lysekil Women’s Match – the world’s greatest match racing competition for female sailors – is over. Lucy Macgregor, with her Team Mac, sailed home the gold in Lysekil Women’s Match, and this year’s Women’s Match Racing World Championship 2019. 

Macgregor showed why she is the two-time reigning world champion when she won over Claire Leroy with 3-0 in the tough final, taking home the gold, and 300 000 Swedish kronor in prize money.
– I am honestly speechless! Absolutely thrilled, such a fantastic feeling, says Macgregor right after the final finish.
The bronze went to Pauline Courtois, and her Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team, after defeating the Dutch Match Racing Team 2-1.

Anna Holmdahl White, project manager for Lysekil Women’s Match, sums up the week:
– We are super happy! What a week, great sailing with good weather conditions and such a strong line-up. Great interest from both the media and audience. This year’s Lysekil Women’s Match was like a festival, just as we like it.

Results in Lysekil Women’s Match / Women’s Match Racing World Championship 2019 (team, crew, nationality):

  1. Team Mac – Lucy Macgregor, Amy Sparks, Bethan Carden, Mary Rook, Kate Macgregor – GBR
  2. Mermaid Sailing Team – Claire Leroy, Mathilde Geron, Julie Gerecht, Lola Billy, Sigrid Longeau – FRA
  3. Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team – Pauline Courtois, Maëlenn Lemaître, Louise Acker, Nathalie Corson , Sophie​ Faguet – FRA
  4. Dutch Match Racing Team – Renée Groeneveld, Marcelien Bos – de Koning, Marieke Jongens, Marije Tijssen-Kampen, Mijke Lievens – NED
  5. WINGS – Anna Östling, Annie Wennergren, Linnéa Wennergren, Marie Berg, Annika Carlunger – SWE
  6. Team Emerson – Marie Björling Duell, Anna Holmdahl White, Elisabeth Nilsson, Jenny Axhede, Anna Nordlander – SWE
  7. Team Bergqvist Match Racing – Johanna Bergqvist, Isabelle Bergqvist, Johanna Thiringer, Ellinor Hansson, Julia Carlsson – SWE
  8. Vela Racing – Nicole Breault, Allie Blecher, Karen Loutzenheiser, Beka Schiff, Carina Becker – USA
  9. Team Kattnakken – Trine Palludan, Sille Christensen, Lea Richter Vogelius, Vivi Møller, Joan Wester Hansen – DEN
  10. L2 Match Racing Team – Marinella Laaksonen, Sofia Tynkkynen, Camilla Cedercreutz, Henna Holopainen, Catharina Sandman – FIN
  11. Swiss Women Match Racing Team –  Alexa Bezel, Fiona Testuz, Manon Kivell, Andrea Nordquist, Blandine Jaffrain – SUI
  12. Matchmoiselles by Normandy Elite Team – Margot Vennin, Juliette Dubreuil, Clotilde Ponçon, Chloé Salou, Sophonie Affagard – FRA

Lucy Macgregor and Claire Leroy are ready for the World Championship final in Match Racing. After this mornings semi-finals it will be Macgregos vs Leroy fighting for the gold whilst Renée Groeneveld and Pauline Courtois battles over the brons.

In a matchseries to best of five, Team Mac, with skipper Lucy Macgregor, secured a place in the final after a win in the fifth and final semi-final race against Renée Groeneveld.

Even before the semi-finals started we knew that there would be a french team in this years final. The questions was who: Courtois or Leroy.
After a tight matchseries in the semi-finals Claire Leroy eventually won with 3-2 against Pauline Courtois.

In the finals (team, skipper, nationality):
Team Mac, Lucy Macgregor , GBR
Claire Leroy, Mermaid Sailing Team, FRA


The quarter finals are done and four teams will compete in becoming 2019´s World Champion in Match Racing.

There was a late start to the quarter finals due to no winds what so ever in the morning, but by lunch-time the wind kicked in. Four teams headed out to fight in the first flights of the quarter finals:

Team Björkqvist Match Racing went head to head with Claire Leroy and her Mermaid Sailing Team, and Groeneveld with Dutch Match Racing Team took on Anna Östling with her crew WINGS.

For Clair Leroy and Johanna Bergqvist the flights were tight, and the quarterfinal-series needed a fifth and final race to determine which team would go on to the semi-finals.

It was Leroy who took the first two matches, which put pressure on Team Bergqvist Match Racing, leading up to the third race. The Swedes managed to turn the scores around and tie, taking the series to a fifth race. And what a race – both teams delivered, ending with Leroy managing to cross the finish line just before Bergqvist. Disappointment for the young Swedes.
– We had the chance, but unfortunately, we could not pass her today, says Johanna Bergqvist after missing out on the semi-finals.

Clair Leroy is pleased after reaching their goal, getting through to the semi-finals after a tough battle with Team Bergqvist:
– It was close, they were always coming back and we had a tight game. It was one of the best quarter finals I have ever sailed. They sailed well, but today we were a little bit better, but not much.

In the second quarterfinal, WINGS, with skipper Anna Östling took the first race against Renée Groeneveld, but with three straight wins the Dutch turned the quarter finals around, eliminating the Swedish team, and joining Leroy in the next round.

After a day of waiting it was finally time for the remaining four teams to hit the water.
Reigning World Champion, Lucy Macgregor, who sailed through Round Robin with 10 wins and only one loss, was eager to get out.
– We had no races yesterday, so it was really good to get on the boat and back in rhythm again.

Facing off with Nicole Breault, Lucy Macgregor showed everyone why she is the reigning two time World Champion, when they secured a spot in the semi-finals after sailing home three in a row.
– We won them by a fair way in the end, but the wind was very light and I think all of us concentrated pretty hard to make sure we secured it, says Lucy Macgregor after making it to the final day.

A day full of though races awaits in the morning, staring of with the semi-finals deciding who will make it on becoming 2019’s World Champion.

In the Semi-finals (skipper, team, ranking, nation):

Lucy Macgregor, Team Mac, 18, (GBR) – 2018 World Champion
Pauline Courtois, Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team, 1, (FRA)
Claire Leroy, Mermaid Sailing Team, 13, (FRA)

Renée Groeneveld, Dutch Match Racing Team, 20, (NED)


The third day of racing is completed and we now know which teams made it through to the quarter-finals.

The weather, with sunny skies and a light breeze drew a big crowd in Lysekil, and opened up for a long day of sailing. After finishing the Round Robin, the four teams on top, directly qualifying to the quarter finals were: 2017 and 2018 World Champion Lucy Macgregor with Team Mac, number one in the world – Pauline Courtois, Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team, and the two Swedish: Anna Östling, WINGS, and Marie Björling Duell Team Emerson prevailed.

The teams ranked 5th to 10th after the Round Robin had to battle it out for the remaining four spots in the quarter finals in the Repechage, sailing a second Round Robin.

Renée Groeneveld from the Netherlands, who won in Lysekil 2017, had a tough start to this year’s competition. Ranked 9th after the initial Round Robin, went on to sail in the repechage. With four wins out of five races they secured a spot in tomorrow’s quarter finals after a long day of sailing.
– We are happy to get some more races in, because we have been getting into our grove. Sure, we are tired, but happy, to have gotten to race this much, says Groeneveld and continues:
– We are improving a lot, handling communication and decision-making much better now. I think we are feeling more comfortable and I believe that is when you start to see results.

The youngsters in this competition, Team Bergqvist Match Racing, had an even longer day than the Dutch. After falling short in their last race against Trine Palludan they had to fight in the Repechage for a spot in the next round of the competition.

With a total of eleven matches at the end of the third day they are joining the other swedes in the quarter finals.
– It’s a great feeling! The girls have done all the hard work. We had a long day, but we have also gotten some extra races in and it feels like we have gotten the hang of it, which is a great feeling! Says a tired, but satisfied, Johanna Bergqvist as her team made it to the quarter finals.

Tomorrow it is time to cut the eight teams down to four for the semi finals.

On to the quarter finals (skipper, team, ranking, nation)

Lucy Macgregor, Team Mac, 18, (GBR),
Pauline Courtois, Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team, 1, (FRA)
Anna Östling, WINGS, 2, (SWE)
Marie Björling, Team Emerson, 22, (SWE)
Renée Groeneveld, Dutch Match Racing Team, 20, (NED)
Johanna Bergqvist, Team Bergqvist Match Racing, 3, (SWE)
Claire Leroy, Mermaid Sailing Team, 13, (FRA)
Nicole Breault, Vela Racing, 5, (USA)

In perfect sailing conditions with winds of 5-7m/s (10-14 knots), the second day of competition Lucy Macgregor showed why she is the two-time defending World Champion by winning 7 out of 7 matches today.

In the lead, after 16 flights of Round Robin, is Lucy Macgregor who have only lost one match.
With a winning streak of 10 wins and only one loss, Team Mac have secured a place in the quarterfinals.
– Fantastic day for us, it’s been great conditions here, and it has been important to sail fast because it is quite tricky to maneuver in these boats. I think there is big differences between the teams that are really fast and the ones that are just average. So, we have done that well and just gone down the course really cleanly, says Macgregor after completing day two.

Round Robin racing will continue tomorrow, for the nine teams that still have matches to sail, before we know who will qualify directly to the quarterfinals. Macgregor, with 10 out of 11 wins, on the other hand can sit back and relax knowing they are in top four and through to the next round.
– Now we will probably make sure to stretch and get the sore muscles working again. It’s been quite physical the last two days. I think a bit of a break will be good for us to be able to reenergize and get ready for the quarterfinals, says Lucy Macgregor.

Two more teams have finished the Round Robin: Team Emerson and the Swiss Women Match Racing Team.
The Swedish Team Emerson, with skipper Marie Björling Duell, had a tough day with seven matches in a row. Despite the tight schedule they managed to take home 5 wins, leaving them with a total of 7 wins out of 11 matches after Round Robin. Left for them to do now is wait and see if they will qualify directly to quarterfinals.
– Actually I am a little bit tired right now, but we had a good day out at the water and that gives you energy as well. Today we sailed much better than yesterday and if we sail tomorrow we will be even better, and if we sail on Saturday we will sail our best, says Marie Björling Duell after her Team Emerson have sailed all their matches for the day.


Standings for Lysekil Women’s Match / Women’s Match Racing World Championship At the end of Day Two – 16 of 22 round robin flights (skipper, team name, country, wins-losses, points, winning %):

  1. Lucy Macgregor, Team Mac, GBR, 10-1, 10, 91%
  2. Pauline Courtois, Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team, FRA, 4-1, 4, 80%
  3. Johanna Bergqvist, Team Bergqvist Match Racing, SWE, 4-1, 4, 80%
  4. Anna Östling, WINGS, SWE, 6-2, 6, 75%
  5. Marie Björling Duell, Team Emerson, SWE, 7-4, 7, 64%
  6. Claire Leroy, Mermaid Sailing Team, FRA, 5-3, 4.5, 56%
  7. Nicole Breault, Vela Racing, USA, 4-4, 4, 50%
  8. Trine Palludan, Team Kattnakken, DEN, 3-5, 3, 38%
  9. Renée Groeneveld, Dutch Match Racing Team, NED, 3-5, 3, 38%
  10. Marinella Laaksonen, L2 Match Racing Team, FIN, 1-4, 1, 20%
  11. Alexa Bezel, Swiss Women Match Racing Team, SUI, 1-10, 1, 9%
  12. Margot Vennin, Matchmoiselles by Normandy Elite Team, FRA, 0-8, -0.25, 0%