The World elite in matchracing is ready for competition

Today is the start of this year’s edition of Lysekil Women’s Match, the world’s leading match racing competition for female sailors. It is also the second event in the 2018 Women’s International Match Racing Series (WIM Series), which means that there are a lot at stake when some of the world’s best matchracers settle in Lysekil August 6-11.

Five exciting racing days awaits this year’s edition of Lysekil Women’s Match. The line-up consists of the world elite and there are twelve crews competing. Team Anna (SWE), consisting of Anna Östling, Annie Wennergren, Linnéa Wennergren, Annika Carlunger and Marie Berg, has sailed together since 2013 and is ranked number one in the world ranking. Their expectations are high.
”Today’s practice was great. We had a good flow and are excited about today. We need to focus on matchracing, get into our routines so that we can make quick decisions and then go all in” says Annie Wennergren.
”Our goal is to have fun, enjoy this week and fight to reach the podium. Lysekil is the best event for female matchracing in the world I would say, both in terms of the event it self but also the prize money. It is a fantastic arena that brings the best sailors here” adds Marie Berg.

The competition is tough. Pauline Courtois (FRA) who won the WIM Series 2017 is back to defend her title. There are also several strong home teams and many young teams who is here to make their way.
”The line-up is very strong and there’s gonna be some really exciting sailing. The mix is good, with the young sailors and the more established ones” says Anna Holmdahl, Project Manager for Lysekil Women’s Match.

The New Sweden Match Racing Team is competing for the 8th time in Lysekil and this year they will sail with the multiple world champion Claire Leroy on the helm. Last time she was in Lysekil was in 2013.
”It feels very good to be back and to get to sail and compete with these girls. The training today went well, we need to become more as a team to discover all the great things we can do during the week. It feels great and I’m looking forward racing today” says Claire Leroy.

Tuesday’s weather is expected to be fairly light winds with stronger winds ahead at the end of the week – conditions that promises good match racing and a great event in general.
”We have been working on this event since we closed last year and it feels amazing to get started now. We have a great mix of fun activities, incredible food and fantastic entertainment for everyone. We are looking forward welcoming everyone here in Lysekil all week long” says Anna Holmdahl.

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