World Sailing report on gender equality

World Salling has published a report on gender equality in sailing, the Strategic Review into Women in Sailing and you can read it here.

We applaude this initiative. The report describes problems, challenges and opportunities for women in sailing and it is based on interviews, surveys and comparisons with other sports.

We agree that there are challenges we have to face. For example, we need more female role models in the sport. The report addresses this and states that there isn’t a clear path way for girls to a professional career.

Here, events like Lysekil Women’s Match and the WIM Series play a very importantrole. We inspire more young girls to stay in the sport and we want to be a clear path for the girls who want to continue their career after dinghy sailing, an age where we lose many active female sailors.

The report states that 70 % of all sports have the same prize money for women and men, while only 0.4% of the commercial investment goes to women in sports. Still, interest in investing in female sports is increasing and sailing must keep up with this progress. Sailing for women is an undervalued stock to invest in.

We have been working to create opportunities for women in match racing for over 15 years. Our vision has always been to create the best sailing event for women in the world and to be a stage for the world’s best female sailors. And we want to be a role model for all commercial events.

We are delighted to see these issues on the agenda and are very intersted in the report’s nine reccomendations for changing the situation.The first point recommends that a Working Group within World Sailing be created with the purpose to drive the development forward. Lysekil Women’s Match want’s to be a part of that group – we are confident that our experience will help to create better conditions for everyone to succeed in the sport.

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